Timber Flooring Facts

Timber Flooring Facts

Timber Flooring Facts

Timber flooring is produced from trees.

There are no two trees the same.

Therefore, there are no two lengths of flooring the same.

Timber flooring is a random blend of natural colours, grains and textures.

This is what makes every timber floor unique….


Timber flooring is sold in job quantities and will contain variations in colour, shade, texture, naturally occurring features and length.

Timber flooring is sold based on species (or mixture of species) NOT colour, shade or texture. Variation of colour, shade or texture can be extreme in most species.

Showroom displays are only a guide as to the type of grain and characteristics of that species and should not be relied upon as a perfect match to an entire floor.

Timber flooring is required to be installed at random; no colour sorting or length sorting should be undertaken, as this would cause a concentration of similar shades in one area thus creating a chessboard effect.

It is impossible to identify the unique features and colour variations a new timber floor will display at the time of installation. These features and colours will become fully apparent after sanding and polishing.

A finished floor will vary in appearance depending on the type of lighting, the colour of wall paint, the amount of natural light, the degree of sanding and the type of coating applied.

A new timber floor will darken with time and usage.

The term ‘select grade’ does not mean that flooring is totally unmarked from gum vein or other imperfections. It means that it will contain a lower percentage of imperfection compared to ‘standard grade’.



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