Customers Please Ensure The Following.

Customers Please Ensure The Following.

Ensure that time restraints don’t affect the procedure required for new timber flooring works. This will only lead to a problem floor. Master Floors (Aust) accepts no responsibility for the above.

Please do not lay carpets before sanding and coating. This will increase dust particles in the air and affect the coating appearance.

Please do not apply the final coat of paint to walls or skirting boards prior to completion of works. Master Floors (Aust) accepts no responsibility for damage to the above.

Please instruct painters to use drop sheets on flooring works.

Please instruct plasterers not to mix on flooring works.

Please instruct cleaners not to saturate the floor with water.

Please ensure that no other trades are allowed on the property at time of flooring works, especially during the sanding and coating process or for 24 hours after the final coat has been applied.

Please do not arrange for delivery of timber until the site is secure, plaster work is complete and fully weatherproof. Deliveries will be cancelled on days with heavy rains forecasted.

Ensure all windows, doors, air-vents and fireplaces are sealed and protected from rain and wind blowing in dirt and grit.

Remove all furniture, window furnishings, food and clothing away from areas that require flooring works.

Arrange alternative accommodation during coating times, especially if using solvent based polyurethane to avoid exposure to toxic vapors.

Gas appliances should be turned off at the mains and all naked flames extinguished.

Please do not use heating and cooling appliances during coating times.

Please do not use any harsh brooms or detergents on a finished floor.


General Procedure Of Flooring Works

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